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Feelings are Funny Things

Feelings are Funny Things

'Feeling are Funny Things' is a unique project that can form part of  a school's PHSE programme.    Designed to fit in with the National Curriculum it uses storytelling, creative writing and discussion to explore thinking skills and  emotions.  It can be delivered as a one off event or extend over several weeks.  Suitable for children of all ages it is particulary appropriate for Key Stages 2 & 3 and for children who have difficulties in recognising and managing feelings for whatever reason.    It also works well with children whose first language is not English.


The format is highly adaptable to the needs of the children and Steve uses gentle humour and the safety of the narrative structure to explore the complex world of feelings and relationships.


Learning areas include;

- Recognising feelings - verbal & non-verbal cues


- Managing feelings- simple strategies for dealing with difficult feelings


- Friendship & conflict resolution skills


The exact content depends on the age and ability of the children and is tailored to their needs.   Steve uses his skills as a storyteller and psychologist and calls upon the latest ideas in Emotional Literacy, CBT, Positive Psychology and Philosophy for Children to create a safe place to explore an area that is difficult for conventional teaching to cover.   As well as PHSE it can fit in with other curriculum areas such as English and Religious Studies.  Steve also provides training for teachers in using storytelling in the classroom.     Contact Steve to discuss whether it would be appropriate for your school.



But can they beat the Fearsome Giant?


Facilitating Emotional Literacy through

Storytelling & Discussion

-A new approach to SEAL-



Eligible for 'Writers on Tour' funding from Literature Wales