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I'm a Storyteller, Clinical Psychologist and Writer based in Wales and I believe that stories and storytelling are a fundamental way that human beings connect with each other and with what it mwwhat it means to be human.

and with what's important.




It's only a story?.........Stories entertain, educate and enlighten.  They are vehicles for experiences and emotions that help us understand what it is to be alive.   They can spark the imagination where hopes and dreams, fears and desires are brought alive in the telling.


Steve is a storyteller, writer and psychologist based in Wales.


And everything that happened had to happen, and couldn't have happened any other way.

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International Storytelling Festival Singapore June 2nd-4th 2017


Storytelling for Health International Conference,

Swansea,  June 16-17 2017                  


Just published - New paper on Metaphor in therapy



AVAILABLE NOW- Beyond Storytime-Story podcasts available -

from Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival


I'm a Storyteller and Clinical Psychologist based in Wales and I'm interested in how stories help us understand ourselves.


I believe storytelling is a fundamental way we connect with each other and learn about what it is to be human.   Stories entertain, educate and enlighten and when brought alive in the telling they inspire imagination, curiosity and well-being.


Please find out more about my work and interests in these pages.

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An anthropologist asked a Sioux leader why people tell stories.   He replied, ‘In order to become human beings.’  The anthropologist responded, ‘But aren’t we human beings already?’       ‘Not everybody makes it,’ the leader replied.  

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