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Current Projects and Performances

Fostering Storytellers - Workshop series of Foster carers and professionals in March 2017







'Whenever Steve tells there is always warmth and humour and the flicker of a wry smile never seems that far way, yet there is always great depth, tenderness and meaning too.'                        Cafe Vista Storytelling, Tenby



How to Tell a True Friend - Tales of journeys (can be performed with Mikey Price, musician)


Deathless - A Russian Fairy Tale of Prince Ivan & Marya Morevna (can be performed with Eva Stewart, musician)


Feelings are Funny Things - For schools; exploring feelings

                                                              through stories


The King and the Corpse - The Riddling Stories of King Vikram


Fool's Gold -  with Francis Maxey


Tall Tales & Likely Stories - Stories for all ages


Back to The Woods- The Tales of the Brothers Grimm

                                            with Richard Berry


Psyche & Eros- where myth meets fairytale


The Jataka Tales - with Mark Rivett


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